Bromelain It is a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the pineapple stem and peel. It belongs to the group of cysteine proteases and acts preferentially on the basic and aromatic amino acids of proteins. Its optimum pH varies with the substrate in a range of 5 to 8. It possesses low thermal tolerance.
Reuti-Piña Bromelain has a great high potential for the beer industry because:

  • Degrades insoluble globulins and albumins that are dissolved in the herbs (tannins).
  • Improves liquefaction of starch, regulates sugar and nitrogen content, and improves extraction.
  • In the filtration of the must reduction of the gums and the viscosity.
  • During fermentation and ripening it is used to control turbidity.
  • Prevents clouding and improves the taste of product and foam stability.
Name Bromelain, Bromelin
Source Ananas comosus (Pineapple)
E.C Number (a)
Optimum Temperature 98.6 – 158 °F (37 – 70 °C)
Inactivation temperature Above 167 °F
Optimum pH 3.0 – 8.0
Inactivation pH Below 2.0 and above 9.5