In the last 20 years, Costa Rica has positioned itself as one of the main pineapple exporters around the world. Therefore, this leading role has upped the growth of pineapple and, hence, the generation of pineapple waste. Approximately in Costa Rica, the biomass extracted from the pineapple industry rounds up to 10 million of metric tons which seriously threaten the environment and public health.

Part of the problematic generated by this agro industrial waste is the proliferation of the stable fly ( Stomoxys calcitrans ) that considerably affects cattle. On the other hand, nowadays, the most viable way to get rid of this residue is by burning it, a practice that generates pollutant and toxic gaseous material such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as dioxins and furans.

What we do?

We transform the agro-industrial waste from the pineapple plantings by implementing a innovative technology to offer products of interest to the food, pharmaceutical, and construction industries

Who we are?

We are a Costa Rican start-up committed to the research and development of biotechnology. We work under a triple-impact model (environment-society-economy)

“We are a solution for the pineapple producer and the Costa Rican society to the problem generated from the pineapple residues. We work on this biomass aiming at developing innovative and competitive goods”


4km east of Liberia,
Guanacaste, Costa Rica.